We recover golf balls from your lakes . . . and we pay you for them.

  • You generate important cash flow for your business.
  • Professional, fully qualified divers
  • Retrieval has minimal impact on your operation.
  • No interference to normal play.
  • Your golf course will be serviced in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • Regular communications between our company and your representative. 
  • No one will arrive unannounced to retrieve golf balls from your course. 
  • Retrieval personnel will work your course, as scheduled, and announce themselves upon arrival with appropriate identification.

We offer two methods of golf ball retrieval
  • Divers - this is the common form of golf ball recovery. divers submerge in the lakes and retrieve golf balls by hand.
  • Rollers - used for ponds without large rocks and liners. This is a very effective way to remove all the balls that have built up in the middle of your lake.